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Trish Stratus releases special edition tea for the holidays

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Trish Stratus expands her Stratusphere brand with the
introduction of a new line of wellness teas

Rogers Television
Launch of the Stratusphere teas on Rogers

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watch Raelene make Tea Pesto on Rogers
Tuesday, Feb 28, 2012

Article in Bakers Journal
Tips and trends
for baking with tea

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teaandallitssplendour on Rogers TV
Cooking with Tea
Monday, December 5, 2011

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teaandallitssplendour on Rogers TV
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Discover the taste of premium gourmet loose leaf tea.  With every new blend created at tea and all its splendour, it brings new joy to the tea industry and our family of teas.  Not only is tea the second most consumed beverage in the world, it is enjoyed all over the world as both a hot welcoming beverage and a cold refreshing drink.  A sign of hospitality…who isn’t offered a cup of tea when you enter someone’s home?

Another use for tea, which tea and all its splendour is really embracing and forging the path in the industry, is cooking with tea.  This has really opened up the possibilities of flavour combinations and infusions using our favourite herb, TEA!

Don’t forget along with premium loose leaf tea, we have tisanes and other herbal teas, including rooibos which are great for kids and others as they are caffeine free.  They are great introductions to kids for tea parties and add a great a fun element to an adult tea party too. 
So many flavour combinations are possible. 

We offer FREE shipping on all retail orders in Canada

- limited time, some exceptions apply 

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For wholesale inquiries please contact us at

See our list of gourmet tea products such as:

    • White tea – pai mu tan, white pomegranate, white pear mango and more!  Try the white champagne raspberry for your special event/wedding!
    • Green tea – Chinese green tea, flavoured green tea or not, there are so many great green teas we have to try.   Japanese green tea is a wonderful taste experience, not to be missed!
    • Oolong tea – slimming ti kuan yin oolong, orange blossom oolon, wuyi rock oolong and more!
    • Black tea – from the hills of Nilgiri to the fields of Darjeeling and Assam…and then all the way to China with the Keemun black teas…what a vast array of tea flavours and experiences are to be had!  Chai blends are especially warm and welcoming, try one of ours today!  From fruity iced teas to delicious classic earl grey, there is something for everyone!
    • Herbal tisane – we have so many flavours to choose from, explore the sangria wine even!  These non caffeine blends are great for anyone.  Our Ayurvedic blends are great for all sorts of applications.
    • Rooibos – these are becoming quite famous and they are high in vitamin c and again no caffeine!
    • Tea Accessories – we hand pick our tea accessories so that you will have the best of the best!  From strainers, to teapots to travel, all are functional and fun.

Contact us for more information at:
647- 808- 8463 (T4ME)