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A Little History About Us

There is often a defining moment when a person strategically alters the direction of their life.

picture of RaeleneFor Raelene Gannon it occurred when this committed coffee-drinker travelled to China on a business trip in 2008. As often greets the delicate composition of North Americans venturing overseas, Raelene found herself feeling ill, both nauseous and exhausted in the first few days of the trip.

In the early morning, out of habit, she ordered coffee, and while disliking the taste she believed her sensitive taste buds were due to her general malaise. By the third morning, she was able to only get the coffee cup to her lips, when the smell completely turned her away from sipping at all. On the road between manufacturing plants and warehouses, she ordered the house jasmine green tea at a small local restaurant. Emptying a pot, Gannon had not only found her beverage to hydrate through the weakening heat, but her beverage of choice.

The limitless variety of types, blends, flavours and aromas offers ample opportunity for Gannon
to develop unique tea combinations not available in the conventional bag tea market.

tea and all its splendour embodies Raelene Gannon’s knowledge, passion and ‘taste’ in tea.

A certified Tea Sommelier, one of the first fifteen in Canada, Gannon is truly an expert in all things tea, including countries of origin, plants, ceremonies, manufacturing and in particular, tea menus and food pairings.

Merging her professional background in the chocolate and confection industry with the expertise in tea, Chocolatethe letter t gourmet bars were created by Gannon, featuring dark, milk and white chocolate infused with various teas such as earl grey and chai. The bars are as beautiful to look at as they are to eat. A multi-sensory experience that never fails to pleasantly surprise the new customer.

tea and all its splendour is committed to discovering and developing leading edge tea brewing and serving products. A forthcoming book by Raelene Gannon will be a resource for the tea consumer that make available the extensive knowledge of the sommelier and tea expert, heightening the level of knowledge in the way that wine aficionados explore regions and grapes in depth. The working title, from cup to plate, refers to the ability of tea to be used not only as a beverage but also as a cooking ingredient.

Tea, is Gannon’s terroir, the place from which she blooms subject to the influences of her passion, creativity and boundless energy. To taste tea and all its splendour is to discover a flavourful, health-giving and modern take on tea.

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